Home Working

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The Homeworking eLearning course provides an overview of the human resources and health and safety best practices relating to homeworking arrangements.


The course explains how homeworking might affect tax and insurance expenses. It also describes what, if any, costs an employer will cover.

The course outlines that homeworkers are prone to particular stressors and problems of social isolation and describes ways in which the employer and employee can manage these issues.

The course describes how to set up and maintain a safe homeworking environment. It outlines the importance of carrying out a risk assessment and how to manage health and safety considerations like display screen equipment, electrical safety and fire safety.

Course Objectives

  • To outline what homeworking is
  • To highlight the primary contractual considerations for homeworking
  • To explain how to integrate health and safety best practice into the homeworking environment

Course Details

On successful completion of the test users can download and print a certificate.
The course is RoSPA approved.

25 minutes

Users are required to take a final test consisting of 10 default questions. The default pass mark is 70%

The course administrator within your organisation can:

  • Change the pass mark
  • Implement the random test question feature which selects 10 questions from a bank of 20
  • Can specify that more than 10 questions must be answered (up to the full bank of 20 questions)

Target Audience
The course is aimed at prospective or current homeworkers. The course is relevant to various sectors; however, it is targeted primarily at homeworkers who use a computer as part of their work tasks.


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