Stress Management at Work Online Training


  • How to use the HSE Management Standards approach to identify, assess and manage the risk of work-related stress (WRS)
  • Line manager responsibilities and competencies for managing stress in their team.
  • How to handle individual and team-specific concerns of WRS.

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When excessive pressure at work causes stress, and the stress is unmanaged, it can put employees’ health at risk, affecting their personal life, workplace relationships and the organisation.

The organisation has a legal duty to protect employees’ health at work by assessing the factors that could lead to work-related stress and taking measures to remove or reduce the risk. By being proactive and working with your staff, you can promote a happier and healthier workplace for all.

This Stress Management at Work Online Training course takes on average 50 minutes to complete.

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The Stress Management at Work course is designed for managers, supervisors or people involved in the stress risk assessment process.

The first lesson gives an overview of what stress is, how it affects individuals and the organisation and what the organisation’s responsibilities are for managing work-related stress (WRS).

The second lesson describes how to do a formal stress risk assessment using the HSE Management Standards approach. The lesson uses a scenario to make the steps in the risk assessment easier to understand and more practical. It contains several downloadable PDFs of detailed risk assessments and action plans that can be referred to when starting the Management Standards approach.

The final lesson in the course discusses how to manage stress in an individual or team. While organisational changes might prevent or reduce WRS generally, managers might need to address stressors that only affect their team or a specific individual. This lesson helps managers analyse problems or potential problems in their team and assess their management style and competencies following the HSE Line Management Competency Indicator Tool.

Managers need to know how to spot the signs of WRS and take swift action if stress does occur. This lesson outlines some common behaviours that could indicate a person is experiencing WRS, and how managers or supervisors should respond.

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