Safeguarding Children Training

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  • Explains what safeguarding is and the part everyone plays in protecting children from harm and promoting their welfare.
  • Discusses the different types of abuse and the signs that abuse or neglect might be occurring.
  • Describes what to do if you suspect a child is experiencing or likely to experience abuse. 
  • Outlines appropriate ways to respond to a disclosure of abuse.
  • Identifies what to do if an allegation is made against you and what behaviour is appropriate when working with children.
  • Details how to report suspected or known abuse occurring within the organisation.


The Safeguarding Children eLearning course provides an introduction to the safeguarding process. In the past, safeguarding procedures were not as effective as they are today. New regulations such as the Children Act and the statutory guidance Working together to safeguard children now place a bigger responsibility on organisations and agencies to work together to protect children and young people from harm. 

The course describes the different types of abuse—physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and neglect—and what signs and symptoms to look out for. The course provides a wide range of scenarios to give a clearer picture of what these forms of abuse might look like. Identifying the signs and symptoms of abuse is critical in order to protect children’s health and development and overall wellbeing. 

The course gives advice on how to respond if child abuse is suspected or if you are told about abuse. Anyone who works with or around children is a part of the safeguarding process and has an obligation to report abuse and share information with other organisations and agencies to safeguard children. Professionals working with children might also find themselves in a situation where an allegation is made against them. They will learn about allegation criteria, what happens after a claim has been made and what type of conduct is appropriate when working with children.

Course Details


On successful completion of the test, users can download and print a certificate.


The course lasts approximately 70 minutes.


Users are required to take a final test consisting of 10 default questions. The default pass mark is 70%

The course administrator within your organisation can:

  • Change the pass mark
  • Implement the random test question feature which selects 10 questions from a bank of 20.
  • Can specify that more than 10 questions must be answered (up to the full bank of 20 questions)

Target Audience 

This course is suitable as an introduction to safeguarding for anyone whose job role involves working with children, whether on a full-time, part-time or volunteer basis.