Anti Bribery and Corruption


  • This Anti-Bribery and Corruption Online Training course, explains how the Act affects the workplace and highlights ethical standards.
  • It discusses organisation policy and defines acceptable levels of hospitality and giving and receiving of gifts.
  • The course emphasises how organisations and individuals can both be criminalised.

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Bribery legislation discourages Bribery and Corruption practices. It introduces new general offences of offering and receiving a bribe with no exception of facilitation payments.  The Act holds government officials, private organisations and individuals all accountable for acts of bribery and corruption.  There are no excuses, everyone is accountable.

This Anti-Bribery and Corruption Online Training course defines Bribery and Corruption and explains active and passive bribery.  Additionally, users are introduced to the concept of  ‘reasonable and proportionate’ hospitality and promotional expenditure.

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Users will understand the importance of compliance to protect their and the organisation’s  reputation. They will also learn how to conduct themselves in a legal and ethical manner.  In addition, the course explains how employees are expected to comply with various rules and regulations. These include protecting the organisation’s assets, keeping private interests separate, and the reporting of any conflicts of interest.

A section on reporting in this Anti-Bribery and Corruption Online Training course highlights the importance of the obligation to report any knowledge or suspicion of illegal activity.  The correct reporting and escalation procedures are discussed including internal and external provisions. Employees are protected from being victimised within a company for reporting issues of concern.

Furthermore, the course is a perfect way of learning how to protect an organisation, and how to demonstrate that adequate anti-bribery procedures are in place. The Act includes six principles which, if shown to be followed, will provide a firm footing.  Actions should be proportionate to the risk and size of the organisation and senior managers must provide a top-level commitment that the organisation conducts its business without bribery.

A risk assessment is required to understand the nature and extent of exposure to bribery. Due diligence should be carried out in regard to organisations or services engaged with. Communication with employees is paramount and continual monitoring is the key to successfully reducing bribery and corruption in your organisation.

Main sections in this Anti-Bribery and Corruption online training:

  • Overview
  • Code of conduct
  • Gifts and Hospitality
  • Reporting Procedures
  • Final test

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