Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures


Disciplinary Procedures are required to ensure discipline is maintained in the workplace in a fair and consistent manner for those whose job performance is below an acceptable level and for those involved in breaches of discipline.

This online course is aimed at educating all employees to give them a full understanding of your organisation’s grievance policy as well as explaining the basis for disciplinary action and the range of penalties that can be imposed and procedures of appeal.

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In order to ensure the efficient operation of an organisation and the well-being of its employees, it is important that standards of performance and behaviour are achieved and maintained.

Disciplinary Procedures will help an organisation manage those employees whose job performance or conduct do not meet with standard requirements.

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This Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures online course explains the stages involved in an organisation’s disciplinary procedures and the different types of disciplinary action available. Users will learn about the Informal procedure where issues can be discussed by the immediate supervisor or in informal discussions.  The staged dismissal policy is outlined. This is: Stage 1 (Verbal Warning), Stage 2 (Written Warning), Stage 3 (Final Written Warning) and Stage 4 (Dismissal).

Completion of this Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures online course will ensure users have been informed about personal employment records, gross misconduct, summary dismissal and the right to appeal against any disciplinary action taken against and how to raise a grievance and the different routes available to help solve a grievance.

Main sections in this Disciplinary Procedures online training:

  • Disciplinary process
  • Test

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