Diversity & Inclusion


  • Defines diversity and inclusion and the benefits they can bring to the workplace and society
  • Describes what unconscious bias is, different types of unconscious bias and how you can combat them
  • Outlines different qualities and characteristics that makeup diversity, such as personality traits, culture, neurodiversity, LGBTQ and mental health
  • Explains how you can foster inclusion and respect in the workplace

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Diverse workforces offer a mixture of skill sets, experiences and ways of thinking that benefits individuals and the organisations they work for. Diversity can increase creativity, innovation, productivity and wellbeing, helping to create a working environment where everyone can reach their full potential. However, these benefits don’t just come from hiring a diverse range of people and hoping for the best. Workplaces need to foster a culture of respect and inclusion for all types of people, where everyone feels appreciated, valued and empowered. To achieve this, we all need to play our part.

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The Diversity and Inclusion course aims to increase our understanding of our unconscious biases and how we can overcome them to create more inclusive workplaces. One way to combat unconscious bias is to learn more about diversity. A lack of understanding about people who might be different from us can result in hurtful misunderstandings and bad feelings, or even lead to conflict or discrimination.

To broaden our understanding of diversity, the course outlines some of the qualities and characteristics that make us different. It covers concepts such as personality traits, cross-cultural communication, traditions and customs around the world, neurodiversity, LGBTQ terminology and mental health.

While everyone has different ways of looking at things, we all need to respect each other. This applies whether you’re an employee, employer, a manager or a supervisor. The course shows you how you can enhance your emotional intelligence and build stronger relationships with those around you. It describes appropriate and inclusive language, as well as highlights the type of language to avoid. When we respect each other, despite our differences, we can work towards a more inclusive, innovative and positive working environment for everyone.

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