Freedom of Information


  • A course designed to outline the key provisions of the Freedom of Information Act
  • How it applies to private individuals, private organisations and public authorities.

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A course outlining the main features  of  the  Freedom   of   Information  Act (FOIA). The course covers how  Freedom   of   Information  (FOI) requests can be made, how public authorities should handle requests and how public authorities can comply with the requirement to proactively publish  information .

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Lesson 1: Overview 
Summary –

  • FOIA is designed to encourage a culture  of  openness and transparency in government and the public sector.
  • Openness and transparency help to increase public trust in government, benefiting both the general public and the PAs.
  • FOIA is overseen by the Information Commissioner Office (ICO).
  • Public Authorities (PAs) are obliged to release  information  requested unless there is a good reason not to, and all requesters must be treated equally.

Lesson 2:  Information  requests 
Summary –

  • PAs must handle FOI requests neutrally and in a timely fashion.
  • While the spirit  of  FOIA is to promote openness and transparency, there are a number  of  acceptable reasons for a request to be denied.
  • The ICO can intervene in cases  of  dispute between requester and PA. Both parties have the right to appeal decisions made by the ICO.

Lesson 3: Publication schemes
Summary –

  • FOIA encourages PAs to proactively and routinely publish  information .
  • PAs should follow the ICO’s publication scheme and definition documents to ensure compliance.
  • Information  not available through the PA’s publication scheme should be requested via a FOI request.

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