Phishing Awareness


  • The Phishing eLearning course explains what phishing is and why you must remain vigilant to the threat at all times
  • The different types of phishing attacks and how you can identify them
  • How to prevent phishing attacks and what to do should you fall victim to one

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Cyber crime is a crime involving a computer device or network. Cyber criminals can target individuals, commercial organisations of all sizes, charities and governments. Cyber crime can severely damage an organisation’s reputation and can result in financial losses.

To help prevent cyber crime, organisations and governments have invested in robust technical security measures. As a result, cyber criminals instead try to exploit the weakest link (people) through social engineering and phishing.

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The Phishing Awareness course introduces and explains the cyber security threat posed by social engineering and phishing. It discusses the scale of the threat and the damage it can cause to both individuals and organisations across all sectors. It describes the varying levels of sophistication in phishing attacks and different types of malware that can infect your devices.

Phishing may sound highly complex and technical, but everyone has the tools to avoid phishing attacks. Through a combination of case studies and interactivities, you will develop an understanding of some basic cyber security practices to help reduce the risk of you and your organisation becoming a victim of phishing. For example, the course describes the importance of creating strong passwords, using security software and verifying emails and links before opening them. 

While it is important to prevent phishing, it is equally important to know how to spot the signs of infection and what to do if you know or suspect your device has been compromised. The Phishing Awareness course can help you recognise these signs and symptoms, and how to respond in line with your organisation’s IT procedures.

This Phishing Awareness Online Training course takes on average 35 minutes to complete.

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