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The course will increase awareness of how an individual’s behaviour on the road contributes to the cause of road accidents. It highlights the importance of road safety, identify the behaviours that affect road safety and increase driver safety awareness.

This Driver Training UK course is created specifically to correspond with the driving laws within the United Kingdom.

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The Driver Training, DriveWize UK, course is designed to increase awareness of how a user’s behaviour on the road can affect how safe a driver they are.

Accidents happen due to inattention and distractions as well as failure to observe the rules of the road.

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According to the Department of Transport, 1,713 people were killed in reported road traffic accidents in Great Britain in 2013, 2% (41) fewer than in 2012. This is the lowest number of fatalities since national records began in 1926. The total number of people killed in 2013 was 39% lower than the 2005-09 baseline average.

Advances in technology and engineering improvements to both vehicles and highways, may have played a role in preventing accidents.  Improved education and training is very likely to have produced better and safer drivers.

The Driver Training, DriveWize UK course, provides information to ensure individuals are aware of their responsibilities when driving on a public roadway.  Users are made aware of driving behaviours that cause accidents and will also be made more familiar with safe driving techniques.

The course outlines the UK legal requirements for ensuring a car is roadworthy. Usera will learn how to take more responsibility for the everyday safety of their vehicle. Regular vehicle checks should include lights, tyres and wheel fixings, bodywork, trailer coupling, and load equipment.

The Driver Training, DriveWize UK, training module highlights the factors that can impede a person’s driving. For example, poor weather conditions and alcohol consumption.  The importance of good posture and posture change whilst driving, is also explained in this course.

Main sections in this Drivewize Training UK online training:

  • Drivewize Overview
  • Attitude and behaviour
  • Driving techniques
  • Driver comfort
  • Final Test

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