Electrical Safety


  • This course highlights the dangers associated with the misuse of electrical equipment and promotes the safe use of electricity in a working environment.
  • Electrical equipment can be dangerous if not maintained correctly, and people should be made aware of electrical hazards and be given the appropriate guidelines on how to deal with electrical related accidents.

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Electricity is one of the most widely available forms of energy, used extensively in both the home and the workplace. But it is important to remember, that the same power used to make life easier can also be dangerous and sometimes even fatal.

This course will provide users with the knowledge to recognise potential electrical hazards and to understand that the misuse of electricity is a major cause of fires in the workplace.

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The course provides a basic understanding of the types of electricity and how electricity travels as well as promoting the safe use of electrical equipment.

There are detailed examples of how to check for signs of faulty equipment and what to do if you discover faulty equipment.

Advice is given on how to treat an electrical injury and what to do in the event of an accident involving electricity.

Main sections in this Electrical Safety online training:

  • Electrical Safety Overview
  • Basic Electricity
  • Injury Prevention
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Final Test

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