Environmental Awareness


  • This Environmental Awareness eLearning Course is designed to raise awareness of resource efficiency and waste management practices.
  • It encourages individuals to reduce the amount of energy and water they use, and waste they produce in the workplace.

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Global trends such as the growth in world population, depletion of natural resources (eg coal, oil) and the rise in demand for energy have increased pressure on the environment and resources.

There are some effective and simple actions employees can carry out that have a significant impact on an organisation’s use of resources. The first step is to understand the way an organisation uses resources. Building a clear picture of the direct costs of waste, energy, transport and water means that you can create a baseline against which success can be measured. The next stage is to consider the indirect costs of resource consumption. Waste, for example, has a number of ‘invisible’ costs that might not be part of your initial calculation.

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This Environmental Awareness and Energy Efficiency online Course explains how implementing a waste hierarchy when dealing with resources, an organisation can make real savings in resources consumed and the amount of waste produced.

This course defines the terms ‘resources’ and ‘waste’.  In the workplace, the term resource efficiency is usually used in reference to using water and energy more efficiently and reducing the amount of waste which must be disposed of.

Users will learn that rising costs and the environmental impact from using resources have made the management of resources an important issue in the workplace. Environmental legislation and pressure from stakeholder groups for greater environmental responsibility is leading many organisations to implement environmental management systems.

The Environmental Awareness and Energy Efficiency online Course explains the “greenhouse effect”.  Additionally, users will understand that individuals can make a difference to the environmental impact of a workplace’s activities and reduce resource waste.  Recycling cans, glass, food waste, or reducing the amount of paper used may seem insignificant, but these actions do make a significant difference over time.

Main sections in this Environmental Awareness online training:

  • Overview
  • Environmental Issues
  • Personal Measures
  • Test

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