Ladder Safety Online Training


  • How to decide when you can use ladders.
  • How to protect yourself and other people when moving and using ladders.
  • Basic visual and functional checks of a ladder before use.

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Ladders, including leaning ladders and stepladders, are a sensible choice for low-risk jobs that don’t take a long time. But to avoid accidents, you need to use the right equipment in the correct way.

This course will explain when you can use a leaning ladder or stepladder, and how to select, transport and use them safely.

Ladder Safety covers the selection, checking, setting up, handling and use of ladders. It does this using a positive story of ladder use in the workplace to increase engagement, and using the mnemonic ‘JOLLY’ to support retention of the key learning objectives.

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Lesson 1 describes how to consider if a ladder is the right tool for the job, with an emphasis on eliminating work at height where practical, and using other access equipment when appropriate. As many ladder accidents involve injury to non-ladder users, the safety of other people is described, along with precautions to take. This lesson explains ladder labelling and pre-use checks, and provides a downloadable checklist.

Lesson 2 looks at location-specific features ladder users need to be aware of, and provides advice on how to secure, store, handle, climb and work on a ladder. Illustrations and animations are used to explain how ladders fall, how to foot a ladder when there is no other means of securing it, and how to raise a long ladder from the ground.

The course does not cover the use of fall arrest systems.

This Ladder Safety Online Training course takes on average 45 minutes to complete.

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