• This course covers the impacts of legionella bacteria on health
  • The conditions that allow legionella bacteria to grow and spread in different types of water systems
  • The controls needed to prevent Legionnaires’ disease

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Legionella bacteria are commonly found in natural water supplies such as ponds. When these bacteria have the opportunity to multiply in an industrial or domestic water system, they can become a health problem. If the bacteria are inhaled in contaminated droplets of water (aerosol) and settle in the lungs, people can become infected and develop Legionnaires’ disease or other conditions.

This course targets the water management jobs that front line workers do on a regular basis to break the chain of events that can lead to a death from Legionnaires’ disease.

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This online Legionella training course explains what legionella is, how legionella bacteria grow, and how exposure to harmful levels of the bacteria can be prevented. Information is provided on symptoms to watch for and to report.

It also explains the need to break the chain from contamination of water to infection as part of the process of water systems risk assessment and management. Learners will see how the jobs they have been asked to do play a part in breaking the chain of events that can lead to illness and death from Legionnaires’ Disease.

Examples of tasks and typical frequencies are given for hot and cold water systems, evaporative cooling systems and other systems, such as spa pools, sprinklers and vehicle washes.

Our Legionella Online Training course is RoSPA approved and IIRSM certified. This ensures that our courses adhere to the highest standard of training and will provide a practical and meaningful learning experience to our customers.

This Legionella Online Training course takes on average 50 minutes to complete.

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3 reviews for Legionella

  1. John H.

    This again was easy to understand and follow, every section of this course was full of information about the subject. The course material was very good as was the setup of the subject. Very good!.

  2. Tina T.

    Good course, The course is quiet demanding on the brain and some of the questions are tricky but that is what it is designed to do.

  3. andy c.

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