Resource Efficiency Training


  • Outlines ways you can use electricity, water and fuel more efficiently
  • Explains why organisations and individuals should care to take action.

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Global warming and climate change caused by various human activities are harming the environment and our health. But our activities are also having other direct and indirect effects on our planet. Land, air and water pollution are damaging biodiversity and causing diseases and ill health.

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The waste hierarchy lists the preferred steps for how to manage waste so that waste can be prevented and diverted from landfills where it emits pollution. Following the waste hierarchy also helps us achieve a circular economy where we make the most of the resources we produce and use, and then recycle them for reuse.

Understanding the importance of waste management and how to achieve a circular economy can help reduce our negative impact and protect the environment from harm. Making changes in our daily lives can lead to better, healthier lives for all living species.

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