Managing Mental Health


  • Explains why promoting positive mental health among employees is beneficial to organisations.
  • Describes the role line managers play in creating conditions that support and encourage good mental health among their team.

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Managing Mental Health eLearning course follows on from the Mental Health Awareness course and aims to equip line managers with the skills necessary to support their team’s mental health. Line managers interact and observe their team members daily. Therefore, they are well placed to notice and intervene if an employee is struggling with their mental health. The course reviews key content from the Mental Health Awareness eLearning course, for example, the mental health continuum and the management standards model, but expands further on how organisations can develop plans and policies that promote positive mental health among employees and the vital role line managers have.

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The course also shows that traits associated with effective line management can contribute to the positive mental health of their team members.

Realistic case studies are used to give an insight into the signs and symptoms of the most common mental illnesses. An extended scenario demonstrates how a line manager could approach a conversation with a team member about their mental health and what support they can provide. In many cases, mental health is covered by equality legislation, which places a legal obligation on organisations and line managers. The course describes how line managers and organisations can comply with the law and promote equality in the workplace.

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