Time Management


  • Explains how time management can improve your work-life balance and have a positive impact on decreasing stress in both your personal and professional life.
  • Demonstrates how to manage time by adopting a positive mindset, organising efficiently and setting goals.
  • Summarises how to create an effective to-do list, task management and allocation in order to work
  • Identifies how to recognise time wasters and how to avoid them.

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Becoming distracted or overwhelmed with the amount of things to do in a day is very easy. Poor task management can prevent you from carrying out your job as well. It can also have a negative impact on your mental and physical health with added stress and other issues. Practical time management techniques will give you more time to do things you enjoy.

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The course goes into detail on time management techniques to achieve a better work-life balance. The steps you can take to get organised, set goals and prioritise. The course also identifies how to recognise different time wasters both in the workplace or your professional life and what you can do to avoid them. Examples for creating schedules and to-do lists are also included.

This Time Management course uses scenario-based learning to maximise user engagement and includes a branching scenario enabling the user to decide what the character does next.

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